Will Power is a Muscle.

The ability to possess Willpower has been something Ive chased after my whole life like a mad dog chasing a cat. Its taunted me, waving at me, knowing I would never get close. Well, I can now say that I’m closer to it then ever before, and will soon wear it proudly on my head like a crown.

Why though? What’s the deal with Willpower?

Willpower, I believe, is the closest thing can get to having a real super power. Anything and everything we desire to achieve can be accomplished with some sort of Willpower. You want to get fit? Its going to take Willpower to get yourself to hit the gym and eat healthier. You want to quit an addiction? That takes Willpower too! But aside from using Willpower to fix your life, you can also use it to grow as a person, and achieve great goals in life!

One person who Ive always looked up too because of his insane amount of Willpower is a magician and endurance artist named David Blaine. David Blaine has achieved goals that seem impossible, like holding his breath underwater for around 17 minutes, and many more stunts that show what the human body is capable of with Willpower, endurance and training.


Here is a link to a ted talk of his in case you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFnGhrC_3Gs.

What does the basic package of WillPower contain? I made a very short list of things I could come up with that were broad. Each covers large ground, but I’d like to believe that these ( in no particular order) are some skills that one can expect to develop with exercising Willpower.

  • Patience, 
  • Endurance
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self control
  • Focus

My back ground with Willpower

Growing up, I was the type of person who was curious about a lot of things. I wanted to find out more and dive deep into things. But something made it so that I could only scratch the surface of something before I was drawn else where. So everyone knew me as he kid who was always saying he would start something but would only make it for two weeks at best. I guess It wasn’t really a big deal, until it began to get in my way of me finishing important assignments in high school. It was always a problem for me. I always procrastinated and because of that I barely graduated from high school. But in college, I began to notice it really start to affect my education and life. You see, for many years, I have battled with bad habits, as many of us do. But when these habits begin to negatively affect your success, education, relationships and health, then that’s when you have a problem on your hands.

I was envious of my little sister. It seemed that Willpower came naturally to her. She would always finish assignments on time, was getting tons of scholarships, and anything she picked up, she got really good at, and kept at it for months, until she developed great skill and moved on to something else.

I wanted what she had! This ability to finish what I started!

And so my journey began.

I read blogs, articles and watched youtube relating to developing WillPower videos. At the end, I came up with this.

First you have to become self-aware. Self-aware of your bad habits. Do you make unreasonable goals and huge challenges? Or do you start off small? What I realized during this self assessment was that I was setting myself up for failure with these big monthly goals. I would also burn myself out quickly by setting long hours daily. Another thing I noticed was that I had a gracious picture in my head of what I expected the end result to be, or I would set out with these challenges to become just like someone else. These are the things I noticed I was doing when I became self-aware of my bad habits.

So I set out with a fail proof goal, and got rid of all my expectations. It was hard at the beginning.

My first challenge was to read two pages of a small book. I did not expect to hate it nor love it. I just began reading.

At first it seemed ridiculous and too easy. But by the third week, I was really beginning to struggle. Two pages began to seem like a lot. I lost motivation. I was tiered. I was lazy. But I forced my hands to open the pages, and my eyes to scan every single word. I didn’t worry about when I would finish, or if I would learn anything, but instead, I just focused on every word, and tried to enjoy the journey.

I will say, that was the best challenge I ever did. And when I finally finished about a month and a half later, my confidence that I had destroyed over many failed challenges, now seemed to be alive and well!

I don’t claim to have mastered will power, but I have strengthened my will power immensely over this past few months by starting small, having patience and enduring the tough moments.

Places you can apply this newly formed super power in:

  • gym
  • quitting bad habits
  • healthy eating
  • habits
  • education
  • budgeting

At the end, you will become a better person than you were before. Im going to leave you with this. Be patient and start with small simple steps every day. To eat an elephant, you’r going to have to take small bites. 

“People overestimate what they achieve in a day, and underestimate what they can achieve in a year.”- Unknown.

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