What does happiness mean to you?

What do you see when you see a imagine a version of you that’s happy?
Maybe you love hiking, and see yourself hiking different mountains around the world? Maybe its playing music, and you just want to go out to different cities and preform at street corners or restaurants? or maybe you love to work out, and any the thought about hitting the gym and eating health gets you excited! Like that saying goes, “ If everything were free, what would you do with your life? What ever that is, go out and do it now.” This saying, Ive always though it to be nothing more then a saying with no weight. Its so cliche, and over used. Frankly, I find no use in it. But what if there is truth to it? what if it’s a key hiding in plain site that only a few can understand?

I want to touch on this aspect a bit as its seems more often that that people get suck in jobs they hate, and they are alright with it. Like your supposed to hate a job. My goal is to get you thinking about what you want out of life. That’s it.

Success and happiness. Both neither black nor white; meaning neither have a solid definition  They are up to you to define. Like the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Your version of success is different from mine, and my version of happiness is different from yours. About a month ago, I read something that explained along the lines of, “some chase success, hoping to find happiness, while others chase happiness, hoping to find success.” I think this an important piece of information to carry through life and can help you make hard choices when the time comes.

My whole life, Ive chased success and threw happiness in the back seat. And now years later Ive realized what a mistake Ive made. Im at a part in my life where I’ve had enough, and am ready to listen to my heart, not just my logic.

Ill give you an example to show you what I mean. The truth is, I started this blog in the hopes of helping people, and of growing my followers so that I could put advertisement on my blogs and get money that would help me pay for surgery to fix my nose. But I didn’t see any results right away, and so I lost motivation and now I don’t post. I lost my interest in blogging…I chased success hoping for happiness and in return I go neither.

But If I were to have opened up this blog with the hopes of just writing and enjoying it; and not worry about readers, subscriber or followers, I would have just been writing every week, expressing my ideas every week, and probably put more content out! This is an example of what It would have looked like to chase happiness and wait for success. You might not achieve success at all while chasing happiness, but with taking the first step towards doing something you love, then you would have already achieved happiness.

Happiness and about learning to love the journey and what it is you do.

Another example – if you want to hike 100 miles, you have to love the cold, rain, warmth and nature. You would have to love the burn in your legs as you walk for miles. You have to be in love what that sort of pain, because that is the only way you will make it 100 mile (Chasing happiness hoping for success).

But if you want to hike 100 miles because you saw someone else do it and you want to be just like them, or money is on the line or your doing this for fame then you will loose motivation quickly and fail (Chasing success hoping for happiness).

I will leave you with this. Do what you love, and don’t wait for anything good to come of it! Seriously. Do it because you love all the good part and the bad parts.