What is the difference between a millionaire living in a beautiful mansion driving exotic cars, and someone renting an apartment driving a broken down Toyota to a 9-5 job? What is the difference between someone who travels the world making amazing experiences and living an adventurous life to someone who sits at home and watches Netflix or YouTube every day wishing for a different life?


(Why? How Is it possible? What should my mentality be? What’s my first step? Do circumstances matter, surroundings, way we’re raised, economic standing or connections have any effect on creating the difference between these individuals?)

These are the questions that pop up in my head while I watch videos and movies of people who once had a few dollars in their pocket, but now travel the world, making amazing memories and are far from poverty.

What is it that all these successful people have in common? Yeah hard work, persistence, the basics. But I feel that there is something deeper than this. There is something that ties these certain kind of people together.

This has bugged me for years, as I struggled with feeling stuck in life. Feeling that I wasn’t living to my full potential in life and that I was capable of much more. I deserved much better! How is it possible to turn an ordinary life into a fulfilled life!

I think I found my answer while watching a few movies.

Movies like Gold, wolf of wall street, the dark night, war dogs, and wanted.

Studying the psychology of some character’s personalities.

Many of them learn to live spontaneously, never making plans, not caring about death, and not caring what people think. They just follow their hearts.

The main characters in movies, the villain from the dark knight, the millionaire (Bruce Wayne), and the average citizen from wanted all contained a type of mentality of not being scared to loose what they have because either they don’t value material things, or hit rock bottom so they have nothing to lose. Mabey because they didn’t have anything in the beginning. In other words, they never got attached to anything in the physical world. They just lived in it, and did what they felt like doing without chasing money, as they weren’t attached to money. They weren’t afraid to die, and weren’t afraid to be hated. They also never had a plan. A plan is a sort of way that we try to feel more in control of our worlds because without one, we would feel vulnerable, anxious, scarred, and lost.


I believe that in this world, the things we value the most, our reputation, money, life, and plans, are what we attach our self too. Without these we would have to look deeper and see who we really are, and that can be scary. Our world revolves around these things. We strive to have all these things. Now, these are things that we chase our whole lives. Because of the pedal stool that we put these things on, they suddenly have power over us. We can be bullied, pushed around, and threatened with these (money, status). When you put a lot of value on reputation, life, and money, it becomes easy to be threatened when one of these is at stake for being lost.


These things are an illusion…A fake fear…. Like a fence keeping in a tiger, or a leash controlling a lion. Its psychological…A mental barrier made to keep us in check.

Now what would happen if you let go of these things….

What would happen if they didn’t care about the leash?

What if you didn’t care about dying, as you made peace with it. If someone threatened you with a gun, you’d laugh and walk away as the fear was an illusion to you.

If you stopped caring about what people said about you, you’d let go of your reputation and ego.

If you didn’t care about money, you wouldn’t take crap at work any longer as the fear of being fired would disappear, and instead ideas would begin to appear in your head and you would begin to take risks to follow your dreams.

When you stop playing by the rules of life or society, then nobody, not even life, would have anything to threaten you with…

Its only uphill from here.

Let’s say you’re not afraid of taking chances…so you take huge a risk…. if you fail, you lose nothing, since you attached yourself to nothing…. but then again…. the possibility of getting what you want increases…

Like a type of Socrates, who said he didn’t know anything, which took the power away from everyone else, leaving him without a target or a spot people could poke at.


Not caring about things that keep us as a human in check, could potentially give us the ability to break out of your boring routine life, and into have the life we could have if we acted in our full potential.

A man who in a way followed this recipe was David blain. He didn’t fear death, nor care about his reputation, money, and didn’t care what people though. He was just concern with becoming the best magician he could become. Not the best in the world, just the best of himself.


Now this is a powerful formula, and like all things, it can be used for very positive productive things, or destructive negative things also.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know! This is not a formula. Just thoughts I had to write down because they kept me up at night.