Taking Risks part 2

July 11- my shirts came in and they look nice!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.55.30 PM.png

July 13- I havnt done anything to promote or sell the shirts. In fact Ive been ignoring them, hoping that they grow legs, go out and sell themselves.

I have ideas. Take photos, reach out and ask for promotion from other accounts I follow and follow me. I should at least post them online on Instagram and begin to introduce the product.


Whats important is that I don’t expect anything from them. I should expect to fall falt on my face… I have no problem with it, but my ego does. My ego says I shouldn’t show my face around because of my big nose. My EGO TELLS ME IM UGLY. It tells me Im not worth anyones time. But I say ‘BE QUIET AND CRAWL BACK INTO THE HOLE YOU CAME FROM!’ This is my show! I get to run it! You ran my life for years, but Im taking back the thrown. This is my life!!!


Now… What the first step??

July18th? – I created an Instagram account for my shirts and posted the first photo)(@_Oregongear)

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.57.37 PM.png

July26- I have posted 5 pictures so far, and am dabbling in a lot of things in life. Today I realized that I have a problem with focusing on one thing. I loose motivation quick because I never see results, as I’m never dedicated 100% to one thing, which is my problem.

July 27th– NO sales yet, but Im having fun in the process

August 17Th – Ive come to terms that I pick up things and never finish anything. I juggle them for 1 week, see a lot of quick progress, then loose interest because I get bored and want to try something else instead. I am working on putting things down and focusing on finishing what I have put off and concentrate solely on that for a long time. Its very hard, but that’s what I have to do. Oregon gear will have to wait.


For now I will concentrate on promoting my dads business which I first promised to do at the beginning of the summer but dropped after 3 weeks. I will concentrate on looking for a job and recovery. Im concentrating on my priorities first to build up self-discipline so that I may learn to finish what I pick up.