What does it mean to let go?

What exactly do I let go of?

This was my question for the longest time. I wanted to be care free like people I knew who just didn’t care about anything. They never worried, and were love by everyone because this vibe they carried with them. These people who didn’t care seemed to get in the worst trouble, but were the ones who ended up having more fun experiences than I ever did. I wanted to be like them and be happy all the time, but I was the complete opposite.

Have you ever watched the movie “fight club?”. I always heard people talking about it, but never watched it because it seemed over rated. Besides it’s a fighting movie, how good could it be? But boy I was wrong!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.03.16 PM.png

Spoiler: The movie is about a nice guy (Like us) who lets life walk over him. He loses site of himself. But then comes along this badass character who is free in all the ways the main character is not. He doesn’t care with others think, he asks for what he wants, and does what he feels like doing. It’s an amazing movie! You gotta watch it!

(The spoiler is over now)

Anyways, I really recommend you watch the movie to get a sense of what, ‘letting go’ actually looks like.

(List of ‘letting go’ movies: The secret life of Walter Mitty, demolition, fight club, wanted, yes man.)

So what could ‘letting go’ mean?

It could mean letting go of expectation: Not imagining scenarios, or day dreaming

Letting go of grandiosity

Letting go of an image of who you are or who you want to be seen as, and just being YOU. (If that makes sense)

Letting go of what hanging on to others opinions

Letting go of trying to control a world that happens around you and just go with it And

letting go of Perfectionism

The one that affects me the most is perfectionism.

Perfectionism is just fear wearing high heels and make up. It’s still fear, but more elegant.

Perfectionism has held me back in posting pictures of my photography onto Instagram, and posting blogs I think aren’t good enough on here. Perfectionism can keep you from trying.

To me, if something I do isn’t perfect, then I dont feel that I’m not worthy of love. This is something I’ve been consciously working on this month and because I’ve ‘let go’ of trying to be the best, or even good at something I’ve opened new doors to new hobbies I’d never thought I’d come around to trying.

New hobbies include:

Bali song twirling



Even though I suck at all of these, I am happy knowing it’s okay to suck. What’s important is that you have fun sucking, because nobody cares if you suck. They are too concerned with themselves to notice.

letting go is not trying to be people in TV shows like don draper or alpha males in movies like fight club. Letting go is saying, its okay to be the introvert I am. So focus on your priorites, work, school, recovery, and sports. Simple. Let go of grandiosity.


Like my mother today me yesterday. You gotta stop looking at the dollar, becauase thats only going to discourage you. You have to learn to look at by by pennies, taking it a little bit at a time.

‘Letting go’ can be a long journey, but at the end, who cares if we perfect the art of letting go, let’s just have fun learning to do it .