How many of you suffer from insomnia?

I’m don’t think insomnia has much to do with porn addiction because I have known addicts who never had trouble sleeping while battling addiction.

I on the other hand, have suffered insomnia for a couple years now.

I believe my insomnia is due to a lack of activates, hobbies, and just worrying a lot. Fap addiction also doesn’t help.

I’ve heard, that in this addiction…You can’t fight addiction its self, instead you have to deprive it of its food sores which is unfulfilled potential. Addiction feeds off routine. Once you begin to live life on your terms, doing fun things, following your dreams, then it will begins to starve and die slowly.

I watched a YouTube video were a zoo keeper talked about how they are introducing dogs to cheetahs to help them with their anxiety (From being in an enclosed space instead of out in the wild) and I had an epiphany.

I realized that We as addicts suffer anxiety because we live in an ‘enclosed space’ or routine life.

We are like cheetahs, needing to run fast and live in wide open spaces. We were meant for much more than what we are doing now and have capabilities that are not being used in this enclosed space.

(Images not mine)

Now, there are people who don’t suffer anxiety, and that’s because they might be living their life to the fullest, and were meant to live in this type of atmosphere, and they actually thrive. But not me, not most of us, not us porn addicts.

I suffer insomnia at night and take pills to put me to sleep.

But, I am making a continue effort to seek adventure in life and leave my routine. That’s what life is telling me by giving me insomnia.