I just finished reading the book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and it has truly helped me understand fap addiction from a real perspective. I highly suggest you just go ahead and read the book instead of this blog, but If you don’t want to then by all means enjoy this nice blog I put together for you!

NO FAP- It opens doors, builds high-esteem, attracts women and respect, and brings blessings in life.

We all know these things, and we all know that in order to break into that new life  you want, you have to stop masturbating and watching porn, right?

It’s incredible how I have been fighting and recovering for years, and I still learn new things every day.

I had an Revilation while reading a book called No More Mr. Nice Guy.

This book explained how nice guys put everyone first as a way to manipulate people into liking them, and since they never put themselves first, they end up feeling resentful, trapped, and end up in a dull, boring, routine life of a doormat.

The crazy part about this book was the proof, that most of these nice guys suffer from some sort of sexual addiction. This book stated that in order to get rid of the nice guy syndrome, porn addiction, and feelings of being a victim, you must first put yourself first and stop trying to please others.

What’s an example of putting yourself first? Well, let me ask you this. When was the last time you actually were honest out loud and put yourself first before someone else?

When was the last time you went out and bought that nice jacket you’ve always wanted but didn’t for the fear of you parents or spouse complaining to you about the price?

When was the last time you spoiled yourself by trying something you’ve always wanted to try? Snow boarding, bungee jumping, paint balling?

When was the last time you said No when someone asked you a favor?

Where I’m going with this is that you have to put yourself first and be selfish in order to beat this addiction!!

You have to realize, like I just realized, that porn and fap addiction is not the root problem, it is the end result.

The real problem is that You’re a nice guy. Your stuck. You’re a doormat. You’re a victim. You want everyone to like you in order to feel worthy.

Putting yourself first will lead you to you being yourself.

Putting yourself first will lead you to hobbies and interests that will resurrect your interest in life.

Putting yourself first will lead to you living your full potential!


Nice guy syndrome is the root.

Porn addiction is the weed you see above dirt.

You cut the weed(nofap) but it keeps growing(Relapse)

You cut it again(Nofap), but it won’t be long until it come up again(Relapse)

You have to cut the root (Nice Guy Syndrome/poorly lived life) In order to stop the weed from growing back up.

You can’t live in the same boring routine and expect to beat porn addiction!!

How can you work out, then come home and eat the same junk food you have been for years, then complain about never losing weight!?

Here is an example of how I made a move towards getting rid of the nice guy syndrome.

-I bought a paintball gun to go play paintball. Very simple.

But I have a lot of fears! Can I go out and do something fun like that? Isn’t that selfish? What will people think when I go by myself??? What if I don’t fit in!? What if it’s all white people and they don’t want to talk to me because Im Hispanic?? What if they make fun of my big nose!?????

By the time I’m done with all these ‘what ifs’ its already 5am and I don’t want to go paint balling anymore.

By putting myself first, I won’t care about others. If I want to play paint ball then Ill go. If I want to leave, then I’ll leave.  If want to talk to someone then I’ll talk to them. That’s it! Believe it or not its simple, just do what you want.

I’m going paint balling tomorrow for the very first time because I want to pick up a new hobby and get in touch with my masculinity.

Please I highly recommend you read “No More Mr. Nice Guy” . I got the pdf free online. If you want to do this, watch out for sketchy websites.