Risk taking – Part one

I vow to follow my curiosity and chase my dreams while fighting fear with courage.

Two months ago I had an idea to start a business selling shirts to my hometown with the state name on it as a way of making money after quitting my part-time job and needing $8,000 to fix my nose.

I slept on the idea, played with it and contemplated. It’s been two months, and the idea doesn’t leave me!

So I’m deciding to act on it in order to show my Fapnosity family the journey of risk taking and acting on idea’s, even though it’s not practical, logical, or realistic (like most great ideas start). I want to motivate you and show you that I live what I preach and preach what I live. I also want to show the importance of following your heart and the benefits that NOFAP has on your life.

I don’t expect it to go well, but instead I want be able to say that I took a risk and not think back with regret, when I’m an adult and wonder whether it would have worked or not. Let’s do it for the journey.

This is my Journey.

JUN 22- After tossing and turning for hours I final made up my mind. At 4:50AM I decided that this journey was worth my $160.

JUNE 27 – Finished the final design and bought the shirts for $168.

July 1st.  – Waiting for the shirts to arrive around July 11th.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 2.44.20 PM.png