My fear of staying the same triumphed my fear of failure.

I’ve always been afraid to try new things.

I’ve always been a timid and anxious kid that was frightened at the thought of leaving my comfortable bubble, like a lot of us are.

But at some point I got disparate to change my life for the fear that I’d be in the same place I was at now when I turned 25 (At home with mom and dad working a 9-5 Job).

Sometimes addicts are pushed around by life for so long that we get bored of the same routine. I’m 19 now, and for 6 years’ addiction has used the same scare tactics to intimidate me, I got tired of playing along.

I am you.

A month ago, I applied for a minimum wage job and made a planned to raise $8,000 in 2 years of working in order to finally get a nose job and fix my big nose. I was excited and happy because I would finally get my life back and stop hiding in my room all the time.

The first day at work was pretty good, I didn’t hate anyone and the manager seemed nice. But workers there told me they hated it and wished they didn’t work there.

After the second day there, I realized why workers hated being there. We were controlled, threatened with surveillance cameras, and disrespected. I lasted 1 month in that job and walked out. I know my worth, and am happy I was driven to a point I had to quit because I, nor you, are meant to settle for anything small.

A sad story would have been me beating addiction and living a “normal life” for the rest of my life.

I want to start my new life with a boom. Introduce the new me by acting on an idea of mine for the first time.

A steady job could be a safe route to earn the money, but I rather keep this nose than let someone walk over me because they control my paycheck. No sir. I lived under addictions terms my whole life and now it’s time to live under my terms. I have $1,583 in the bank and am ready to invest $160 in this idea I believe in.


I want to sell clothes to my city. Like a clothing brand on Instagram. I think it would be fun. I will follow Jim carry’s advice and take a risk in life for once. I could totally loose $160 just like that and be farther away from the $8,000 that I need to save up for nose surgery. But I will do because my heart tells me to.