Laziness not a big deal?

One of the many ways that porn and fapping destroyed me was with laziness. Addiction knows how to work differently with every individual, and hits you were it hurts the most. Remember, your addiction is a demon, and his job is to rock you back and forth until you go to sleep and keep you that way till the day you die.


Laziness robs your hopes and dreams

Ive always been a dreamer as Im sure most of you have been as well. I dreamed about traveling, living an exciting life full of adventure and friends. Kinda like what I saw in movies or how I imagined celebrities lives were. “Someday I want to travel the world and help people” I would think to myself, but I was just a kid, so I didn’t put much thought into it. As I got older and hit 17, I felt worried, as If I should be doing something important by now. Ive never known what it was that I should do in life or were I should go, but I’ve always felt something in my heart that drew me towards helping and traveling like a magnet.

I decided it was time to change!

I dreamed! I planned! And in 2016, at the age of 18, I pined photos of places I wanted to travel to and things I wanted to do on my bed room wall! I said this is it!! Im going to live my life on my terms. I was so excited. But soon, Fap addiction tapped me on the shoulder and laughed, saying, “what do you think your doing? Your not going any were”.

Life dragged on as my wall stood proud and strong. Months passed and fear began to creep in. I was fearful that I would never get to accomplish anything on my list. I was broke, I had NO adventure buddies, and I felt dead inside. How am I supposed to travel the world, when I cant even finish homework on time or even find a job” I thought. Soon, every day I came into my room the wall would star at me and I would tell myself some day. And every time I relapsed, I could feel the wall starring at me… I could almost hear it plead with me, wanting me to stop this addiction and put my energy into completing at least one thing!. Every day for me was a battle. Constantly trying to upgrade my boring dull life, but hopelessness and laziness would seep in once again. I would finish no work, and my days and months began to blur into just eating, fapping and sleeping.


Fapping is a death sentence

The problem with fapping is that after fapping, you fall into this deep hole of laziness. You feel sleepy, tired, and depressed, and for most of us, the rest of the day is just about getting thought it. Im not saying lazyness is bad, because we all have days like these and its good to sit around and not do anything once in a while, But when this starts interfering with your daily life, then it becomes a problem. laziness has become our enemy because of the way it presents its self after every relaps. We turn into functioning addicts, walking around in a daze like ‘zombies’, not knowing the harm we are doing to your selves and much less to those close to us.

This has to stop! You guys are special! We all have gifts, callings and talents that are all being drowned by fapping and porn. Once we kill out addiction, they will come out into the light. And I am certain that an amazing life will follow.


Thank you for reading ! 🙂