The human body is capable of so much that we can’t even comprehend our maximum ability as human beings. Ever since I was 16, I was always intrigued with what’s possible and what’s impossible for humans.

Humans just short of angels?

As a kid, I remember my parents telling me that humans were just short of angels. “short of being angels? What does that even mean?”. This means that we are capable of pushing ourselves and doing things we never thought we had in us! My dad always said, “If you have enough faith, believe it or not, you could move a mountain!”. “prove it!” I’d say, “I wish but I can’t because I lack faith” he’d respond. Whether or not moving a mountain with faith is even possible is beside the point, what my father was trying to tell me, was that you can accomplish anything  you set your mind to if you have enough faith.

My research

During my teen years, I set out to do my own research, to figure out for myself if things I thought were impossible were really possible.

I started watching movies and videos that touched on the topic of becoming the best version of yourself. I studied people like David Blaine and Casey Neistat from YouTube. I began to feel this thirst build up inside me. I wanted to experience this for myself: the journey to becoming the best version that I could be and do things I never thought were possible. During my research, I also watched movies such as Gold and The Secret Life of Walter Smithy, where both main characters weren’t happy with where they were in life, and both, out of desperation, reached out for something that they could not see but could feel, to find a new meaning in life. Although these were movies, people like Jim Carry, David Blain, and Casey, demonstrate a sort of self-control, and faith in being able to actually do what we only dream of doing but don’t for the fear of failing.

Anxiety keeps you back

But there was a problem. I had major anxiety. For some unknown reason, around the age of 10, I began to get sudden panic attacks.

During these panic attacks I would gag uncontrollably as my eyes watered, and my throat would get tight to the point I couldn’t swallow. All this, while my heart pounded out of my chest and ‘what if’ thoughts raced through my head. As I got older I began to overcome my fears, but I would still experience my fear a bit worse than I should.

As much as I hated living with anxiety, it was nothing compared to what I felt when watching people live their life to the fullest while I lived my life in comfort without trying anything new.

What’s the answer?

Now, I have not discovered a formula to becoming the best version of myself, but I have found that what many great and successful people have in common, is the ability to get back up after getting knocked down. I don’t know if you’ve realized by now, but this is an attribute that us addicts have been working on and developed pretty well. We all get back up after relapsing and falling down, and have done so for years!

During these years, we have developed the ability to persist, and the ability to not quit. Already, we have more in common with the greats than the average person does. But what we are missing is the ability to have control over our selves, or self-control. Obviously we are not very good at that, but once we master self-control, we will break through to the other side, and then the sky’s the limit!

Keep persisting and working towards achieving your dreams. Remember that many people have beat their addictions and have fought their way to greater heights, and so will you.